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Smoked Chicken. My favorite

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Sunday I did a quick smoked chicken on my weber 22" 

I set it up for indirect heat. I had it running at 315 deg for the entire smoke time of 2 hours.

I smoked it over lump charcoal and apple wood chunks. I took it to an internal temp of 165 in the breast

and 170 in the thigh 


The finished product. The skin was nice and crispy.


Then I served it with roasted broccoli and hash browns.


It was fantastic. 


The next day I took the left overs and made smoked chicken salad to make sandwiches for the week.


And that was even better.


3 Cups diced Smoked Chicken

1 Cup Mayonnaise

4 Spring Onions chopped

3 Stocks of Celery chopped

1/2 Cup Diced Honey Crisp Apple

1/4 Cup Golden Raisins 

1 Tea Spoon of Garlic Powder.

Salt and Pepper to taste.

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Nice looking chix! And lunch is set for a few days what a bonus!
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Tasty looking bird, the color on the skin is spot on!

We use leftover smoked chicken for chicken salad too. Super yummy!

Nice Smoke! POINTS!!!!
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Absolutely , a winner here...:points: The re-do on the Salad was yummy looking...:drool


Keep doing them like that and . . .

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Wow, Great Job!!! Everything looks perfect!!! 2thumbs.gif
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Of all the smokes, a plain old nekkid chicken is hard to beat.


Great job!



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Quick update: I still had some of the smoked chicken leftover from making the chicken salad for lunches.


So I took the 1-1/2 cups of leftover chicken and made a Smoked Chicken Pizza. 


Its a pre made crust with BBQ sauce, chicken, onions, cheese and mushrooms.

It made a great meal for the two of us last night.

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Great job, looks good !!!




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Just gonna smoke some chix this weekend on my WSM, just wondering if you brined first or not?

If not, did you notice any dryness or did she come out fine?

Many thanks

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