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Second attempt at Boston butts

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Hello everyone.  I am a novice barbecuer from Southern California doing the fifth run on my Weber Smokey Mountain.  My first attempt a month and a half ago was two Boston butts for pulled pork that came out great.  Since then I’ve done tri-tip, spareribs, and whole chickens, all of which have come out from good to great.  Today’s run is my second attempt at Boston butts for pulled pork.  The first run took forever (16 hours), so I am running the smoker at 245-265, higher than the 225-235 range I used last time.  I also picked up slightly smaller Boston butts this time, weighing in at 4lbs and 5.5lbs.  Here they are after applying rub last night:



Here they are after about seven hours in the smoker:



I cleaned and setup the WSM last night so I only had to light the coals and fill the water pan this morning.  I managed to get the butts in by 4:30am, way earlier than I would ever usually consider being awake on a Sunday.  Last time I put them in at 9am and pulled them from the smoker at 1:00am.  I am determined to have them finished for dinner time tonight, this time.  The smaller one is for my parents and the other to share with my lovely girlfriend and others.  I’ll post finished and pulled pictures once I am done.  Assuming I do not devour everything before remembering to take pictures.    

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Looking good so far. Keep the pics coming.

Happy smoken.


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