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Ribs on a Sunday

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hello everyone,

its time for some ribs for the big game  :icon_mrgreen:

To start with I took some spare ribs and some BB's that a friend wanted me to smoke for him and got 'em cleaned up. rubbed them down with some of my own rub and got them on the smoker.

Right now there on the GMG Boone set @ 175 to get a burst of smoke.

I'll let it get a good smokin for about 1 - 1.5 hours than i'll bump it up to 225


These are what I'm preparing next...some good old ABT's

I have half of them seeded and devained. once i get the rest of them i'll be working on the stuffing.

Stuffing made. peppers prepped and ready to get stuffed. 

This is realy a simple reciepe that has just sharp chedder cheese, roasted garlic and some bacon on top. 


well, I better get back at it. more pics soon....

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Lookin good ! I just done some St. Louis spares on my Daniel Boone last night ! Gotta love ribs for sure ! beercheer.gif
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I agree, ribs are by far my favorite  :smile:

Here's the ABT's all ready to go. I'll put them on when there is about an hour left on the ribs


Rosco approved  :smile:


More in a bit.....

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Ok, All done and ready to eat.

Let me tell ya, this turned out awesome. Family and friends really enjoyed them. 

thanks for watching. 

See ya next cook

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