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Did some baby backs last night

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Did two racks of baby's(2-2-1) last night for dinner and they came out great once again. It was the first time using Jeff's "Texas Style" rub which is a savory rub. My wife liked the sweeter "naked" rub of Jeff's more than the Texas one. I actually like both and the Texas ones were really good without any sauce or anything on them. Looking forward to lunch today at work because I have leftovers lol!'s the Q-view. Have a great day.

First two are before they went in the UDS.

Finished product!
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Looks very moist with nice color. I bet they were good.

Happy smoken.


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Those look really great, and so do the cold one's.  Reinhard

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Nice work.....and a sweet lookin' plate with the beans and slaw.....All American Meal there.....Willie

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Did you say leftovers? I'm on my way they look great!
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Even reheated, these are no joke! I have a range day at work on Wednesday and Thursday so I think I'll be doing a bunch of racks for people at work.
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