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It is Begun! My First Smoker Build - Page 4

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With the cold weather and a full schedule, I haven't been able to do much work on the smoker lately. I have mounted the rifle bolt and receiver as the FB door latch, which worked out spectacularly. Here's a video of it working.


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That went past cool and got another gear!!!

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Thanks Len, I am still pretty excited about how it worked.


I've now taken the CC door off and removed the small chain link hinges in preparation for installing MTMSEVEN's big ol links instead. All I need is more days warm enough to go out in the garage and get it done!

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Cool !!  very nice



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Now that the arctic blast is done and temps have warmed, I have been able to get some work done on my smoker. A little bit of touch-up, a few odds and ends and I'll be ready for blasting and paint.


We ended up with an extra piece of 1/4" steel due to a mistake in measurement, so I decided to install it as a baffle plate on top of the fb similarly to what DaveOmak suggested. However; instead of using bolts I just tacked a couple pieces of angle and let the plate sit loose on those.






I also got the fb door done, with the working bolt action door latch and the two static bolts as vent handles. The top one is crooked, which is bugging the crap out of me... But other than that I'm pretty happy with it.






The biggest change is the cc. I removed the smaller chain-link hinges I originally installed and added a couple of the beefy mothers MTMSeven used on his build (thanks brother). I also removed the shotgun handle. It looked kinda cool, but it was completely impractical for actually lifting the lid. So I removed it and decided to use a nice 12g barrel instead. I fabbed up a couple brackets and I'm pretty pleased with how that went.





More warm weather = more time to finish this one up!

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Nice, getting closer 



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The anticipation is killing me. It's looking good though
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Well, aside from a couple little odds and ends, she's done. Spent a whopping $50 to have it sandblasted; a great deal, I thought.





Based on a goodly bit of research and careful consideration of my budget, I went with rattle cans for the paint. 2,000deg engine paint for the fb, 500deg header paint for the rest. Over high-heat primer, of course.






I knew that I didn't want this thing to be all basic black, but I couldn't figure out what to do to shake it up. Then I saw a can of camouflage green paint that was a good match for military O.D. so I picked it up. On a whim I decided to do the fenders and vent plate in the O.D. and I really like how it came out.







To dress up the CC door I welded up a centerpiece using a set of AK-47 bolt carriers. This may be my favorite piece of bling on the whole unit.







While I was cookin up a bunch of butts today, I decided to finish the chimney lighter. I cannibalized my turkey fryer, and found that the hose is a little bit too short, but once I get a longer hose, it'll be a solid win. It was tricky doing this a couple inches above the hot firebox, but the welding gloves made it bearable.







And here she is, in all her homemade glory. Lots of blemishes, lots of places where I would do things a little bit differently, but she's my design and with the invaluable assistance of my brother-in-law, she's a reality. Thanks to everyone here who gave suggestions and inspiration along the way. Couldn't have done it without you guys.


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Very nice, love the bolt handles! Is the lower vent a Mauser?


Where is the meat????

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Good eye, Len, that is indeed a Mauser bolt. And the meat was 12 butts for a Retirees' banquet tomorrow night. Coated them all with Tatonka dust and smoked over apple, pecan, and a bit of hickory. They look kinda like this:


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I doubt there will be much leftover!


I have one in the safe, mighty fine nail driver it is....

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Oh, I'm counting on leftovers. Can't run out!


I have an old Mauser, haven't fired it in a long time. Been thinking about getting it out and dressing it up.

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Nice build, Nice Butts,   Great Job   Thumbs Up



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Thanks, the butts turned out great! I did learn, however, that I need to work up a baffle to direct more heat to the lower grate. The butts on the top got done WAAAAY sooner than those below. Made for a long night...

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I decided I wanted a wood shelf instead of the expanded, so I had a buddy whip one up using some extra cedar he had lying around.






Then I decided I wanted it to better match the cooker. So I did some research and discovered a Japanese method for finishing cedar siding by charring it. It's called Shou Sugi Ban. I used a weed burner to char the shelf, then I took a wire brush to it to remove the ash. Once I attached it on the smoker, I rubbed it down with boiled linseed oil. I think it looks great and feels velvety smooth. According to my research, Shou Sugi Ban makes cedar siding flame resistant, and allows it to withstand the elements and insects for 80 years. That should do.





Now I just need to do some touch up on my paint job and add some baffles inside and call it finished.

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Nice, Looking Good



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What a great looking rig, very inventive with your "bling".  Hope you have many fine cooks with it.



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Thank you! I am enjoying it greatly so far. Nothing like cooking on a rig you designed and built yourself.

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Wow this is a great smoker. If you don't mind Rowsdower I really want to use your Shou Sugi Ban method. I have a few ceadar bords left over from a fince build.
How is it holding up so far?
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You don't need my permission; do it up! I've had it in the garage the last couple weeks, so I can't say how it's holding up, but being that it's cedar it would hold up well even if left raw.

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