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Masterbuilt 20070910 Pops GFI

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Hi all,

  I have the GFI problem. My unit is 3 years old and has the access panel in back and connections look clean and not corroded. If I connect to non-GFI outlet it works fine so where is it going to ground? The element had 18 ohms of resistance which is supposed to be ok? I'm not an electrics guy but can test some stuff. Should I still pull back off and look for chafed or bare wire? When I called Masterbuilt their solution was to buy new body. I'm NOT giving Masterbuilt any more money. Thanks. D

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Look for bared, wet wires. Loose connections. If it operated fine on that circuit and then just started, the GFCI is telling you something is wrong.

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Plug it into a regular socket and run it at 275 for a couple hours.  That should dry it out.  It will likely run fine on the GFI after that.

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I have had problems using extension chords laying on the ground tripping GFCI outlets using regular power tools.


I would still check everything RadioGuy mentioned though.


You could also try isolating the unit from the ground by putting it up on something.

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I believe his model has the plastic base.  It is already isolated from the ground.

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The unit sits on an old TV cart so is off ground and is kept out of weather on covered patio. I think I'll run it for awhile then pull off back and check for bare wire, then hopefully it is fine again. It works great when it worked. Thanks for the help everyone. I'm new to the site.

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Also don't forget that GFI units can  go bad.

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Per Addertooth, Baked it out at 275 degs on non-GFI outlet for house vac actually, now it works on GFI circuit so moisture must be getting in somewhere to pop GFI. It may not last but is working now. I still plan on removing back to inspect but don't believe there's bare wires anywhere. Maybe moisture in top digital control unit?? Thanks again for help.  D

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