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Smoked then poached salmon?

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Made some poached salmon in white wine last night for dinner and a thought struck me. Would it be possible to cold smoke the salmon for 90 minutes then poach it? I'm thinking it might be better to poach it in beer as the wine and the smoke might not play well together.
And no, I'm not talking about curing it, that's why I said a 90 minute smoke. In cooler weather if the smoker stays below 70f or so I can't see a problem. Just wondering if anyone's done this and if the poaching will wash off all the smoke flavor.
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The reason I'm asking is I absolutely love the texture of poached salmon but I'm a little bored with the usual white wine lemon and dill flavors. Thought the smoke might be interesting.
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Roger that...poached salmon is about the way I wind up doing it with the usual suspects mentioned above. I do like smoked salmon but a little is fine enough for me. Usually most gets whirled up in a salmon dip after the meal. So......why not??

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I have totally forgotten what the texture of poached Salmon is like.  Maybe I need to try that method instead of the same ole Grilling or baking methods.


I don't see why you couldn't try try smoking then poaching.  What if you reversed that method?

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Hmmm, poaching then smoking? Interesting. Only trouble I can see is it might not pick up as much smoke since it's already cooked. Also, I try to poach the fish to a doneness of just under 145f then serve immediately. I'd be afraid it might overshoot the target temp if left for 90 mins.
Oh, and the texture is almost custard like. It's soft but still has texture.
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I was thinking it as being maybe similar to smoking Lox?   Then again, as said earlier, I haven't had poached fish for such a long time.

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