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New Toy !!!!

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I have been wanting a smaller stuffer for a while now. I've tried using my larger stuffer, 11lber, but when making small batches, it's kind of a waste to pull it out just for a 5lbs a test batch, snack sticks or hotdogs and I really dislike using my grinder to stuff with after using a stuffer:deadhorse:. So last month Grizzly sent me a 10% off coupon on any item :77:….Well that was all it took:sausage:!!!!

Introducing the newest addition to the ShoneyBoy arsenal !!!!  My new 5lb stuffer……….




Now I need to break this baby in nana2.gif! !  I need a weekend with no calls or I'm thinking that I'll be using the old "For some reason my phone did not recieve that message, I don't know what wrong with this phone !?!? " for a couple hours :ROTF of me time. Come on weekend :yahoo: !!! ShoneyBoy

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Happy days are here again.....congrats....I love my 5# Lem, just right for my size batches. Still contemplating on the SS tubes...not sure if I need them....good luck with the 'me' time.....Willie

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Cool , Shoneyboy...  Now be sure to show us the details :biggrin:


Congrats , on the new toy...

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I see snack sticks in your future! I think you'll need to get thesmallest stuffing tube still.


I can see it now in all the convience stores, ShoneyBoy's beef sticks, good till the last chew! Buy one for only $11.99, and get 5 free as a special introductory offer.


You are going to fill up all that new addition with smoking supplies, I can see it all now.


Grats on your new stuffer!

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You are going to love having a vertical stuffer. Mine has made sausage making so much easier. I would just never go back to stuffing with the mixer.


No pressure but everyone is waiting for the first vertical stuffer sausage post. Just saying.



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