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Rabbit reveiw

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Had great time doing it and it did look and smell great. But the texture was off putting, like liver I guess (mushy). Not sure if it was brining for two days. Most likely it was . Next time I'll just marinade an bacon wrap.  Can't get past the texture thing..........Thumbs Down

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Hi Blacklab!!


I would guess that's much too long in brine.


Below is a Great post by Jason, my goto guy on "Smoked Rabbit".




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Sounds like the brine to me also.... Did you add lemon juice or something like that.... The acid will break down and dissolve the meat... or not enough salt...
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Hey guys,


No lemon or citrus added.  Just water 1 1/2 gallons with 1/2 cup kosher and brown sugar with spices, pretty basic brine.  

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