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Wrapping with Butcher paper

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Have a contest this weekend and was looking to try a few new things. I usually wrap briskets and butts in foil tightly but recently have experiments with putting in pan on a rack and then using a foil tent. I have been wanting to try butcher paper for a while but havent been able to find any. I found some white 40# at staples believe it or now so I thought I would give it a try at the competition. I am only using my pellet cookers at this comp because it is a little smaller and I am trying to get all supplies in my truck. What are the chances of the paper catching fire in a pellet cooker if I used the paper as a tent over a pan? I thought about wrapping it then putting in a pan but I want to keep the au Jus for dipping slices into before putting in the box.

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If you are keeping the smoker temp where it should be, there is no issue. Is there that much of a hot spot, 842°F over the burner with the unit set at 225 to 275°F? There is a big difference between Tenting and Wrapping. Tenting is worthless after about 30 minutes and it won't retain heat or moisture as effectively as Wrapping . You can wrap the meat in paper, placing on the rack and retain the Jus in a separate pan.

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We cook breakfast in a paper bag over an open fire, just saying... Parchment paper which is readily available at most grocery stores also works for wrapping meats to cook, braise, steam.
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Did that about 40 yrs ago. Blew my mind but it works !

Ya brought back a long forgotten memory Sailor

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