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Taco Fatty and Tenderloin

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Over the weekend I decided to try my first fatty =)  Already planning my next fatty for next weekend.. heh


I started with some JD sausage, mixed in taco seasoning, and rolled it out in a baggy.  Then I put a layer of refried beans, some sauteed onions bell pepper and garlic, then some tomatoes, and cheese.  I rolled it up and found out that it pushes out the toppings if you pile it too high... slapped on a bacon weave and was off to the races.  Had some pork tenderloins to cook along with it and ended up making biscuits, mashed taters, and a salad (to even out the meat overload).  I forgot to take pics of a plate because I was busy eating it =)




Put them in the smoker but decided to try building the fire on the side of the main barrel instead of in the firebox.  It worked pretty good and used less charcoal, but I couldn't get the temp down below 250 which turns out not to be a problem with this cook =)


Here is the smoker in action.. 


Here is when I pulled off the tenderloin and rotated the fatty since it was getting dark on one side and not the other... Pretty sweet pic of the temp probe 140/250


Here's the final product... for some reason I didn't get a smoke ring on the tenderloin, but it was still good and flavorful.  The fatty was a little runny when I cut it.  I found out it was much better heated up the next day =)




Planning on a pizza fatty next weekend... too good!

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Tasty looking meal! Nice Smoke!
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Terrific looking smoke. Thanks for the Qview.



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