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First smoke Turkey breast

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Seasoned my smoker this weekend. Had minimal to no smoke leaking.The Gasket and RTV Sealent worked great. Sunday evening I did my first smoke. I picked up 2 boneless turkey breast. About 3.5lbs a piece. Turned out awseome. I had to play around with the dampners for a bit to maintain the right temp. Overall I'm happy with how it worked.. And even happier how the turkey came out. I seasoned the breast with salt, pepper and a italian herb blend. Left them in the fridge overnight . While they were in the smoker. I sprayed them with a mix I did in a spray bottle. Mixed some bbq sauce and apple juice. Sprayed them every 30 min or so. Pulled them out at 160.

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Wow, good job! I can practically taste it. Are you sure that's your first try? :drool:

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That is a very good looking Turkey breast!
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Very good , Elchicano , and congrats on your first... good feeling :biggrin: when things fall into place.


keep on going and try some other stuff like Chicken and a Chucky ,to get you a feel of the smoker, then go to town and cook everything :yahoo:


I have a suggestion that may help you in your journey into the world of smoke... start a log of your cooks , list all info. you care to (the more the better) and track yourself as you go. Odds are you will see a difference right away.:cool:


Have fun with your hobby , and as always . . .

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Originally Posted by mneeley490 View Post

Wow, good job! I can practically taste it. Are you sure that's your first try? :drool:

Yes, it is my first smoke. I will add that I have been cooking for a long time. So, Im not that much of a rookie. I will say I was quite surprised myself how well it turned out. I Guess babysitting the smoker with a couple of beers paid off.
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Tasty looking Turkey! Nice Smoke!
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congratulation_graphics_2.gifNice looking bird. It gets better with every smoke. 

Happy smoken.


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Looks good.  I am doing one this weekend.  I may brine it.  Not sure though.  It is a cryovac.  It may already be brined.

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Now I'm wanting a turkey sandwich. Looks great!
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Lookes great, I can smell it from here!

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