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Put the shoulder in the smoker at 10pm Saturday night and 235 degrees



Quite happy with they it came out. Also really happy with the mes since I updated the element. Works like it suppose to..............

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Looks great.

But I do need to tell you that you got a defective spatula. Some jerk put a seahawks logo on it. I would take it back and raise hell. biggrin.gif
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Looks great, how long did it take?
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Looks great, nice plate of food! Nice Smoke!
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Blacklab, nice smoke and nice avatar !

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Bmudd14447 lol  I have a whole set. Each piece has a bottle opener on the handle. Multi tasker utensil. :biggrin:


C farmer 14 hrs


Thanks dirtsailor

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Looks very good. Glad to hear your MES is working right.

Happy smoken.


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Nice , Blacklab. great color and bark.


Congrats on the MB working better.


Have fun and . . .

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