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Originally Posted by MoeC View Post

A couple firsts today. 

First time ever ate or smoked goose today.


I used the recipe at the start of this thread and it came out great. Some goose hunters vouched for the tastiness. 

It looks like I may be getting more goose.

I'm glad it turned out good for you Moe! 

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I bet that was good !

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Shot a goose tonight. Going to try this recipe tomorrow.
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That looks great; it's really hard to beat goose.  Think about it; they graze just like cattle.  I like to pick my birds because I make goose down pillows, soft as you can imagine, and as a result I'm left with the skin on the birds.  This is best done with late season birds, because they will have both max down and fat.  I'm health conscious, but make an exception with smoked goose.  I think I read somewhere where goose and duck fat is 'better' than other types of animal fat, or did I just dream that up?  Here's an example after 6.5 hours in the smoker:

Slice and eat, keeping fat on the slice for those who like that, or slice and roll up with whatever sounds good and then grills the rolls:

Note on these rolls that the goose I used was not fully cooked in the smoker, because I planned to finish up on the grill after making the rolls.  Had I fully cooked the goose I think the rolls would have been too dry.

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Will have to keep this in mind the next time that I get some geese. Our season has about two weeks left, but the cold that came through a week ago pushed a lot of birds out.

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My son brought 4 goose breasts to me to smoke today. Being new to this, was a bit nervous. Used Shelton's recipe above and cooked to 165. Took a little over 2 hours, and turned out excellent. Thanks for the posts!!
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Fantastic smoke ring....they look very yummie...I got a few geese mixed up with my crane...can't wait now to smoke them. They say goose has a similar taste to beef...any truth to that? Crane does...rib eye!:)
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