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Meat labeling

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Fellow smokers, we really need to stress the importance of punctuation to our suppliers. This could be detrimental to our sport!!


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Thats good!

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Mega LOL!  Please don't say that phrase in polite mixed company.  Reading this label may get you slapped in the store.

Hey Baby, while we are in here at the store, do you want a ... ... ..

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Should have read "whole boneless pork butt -stuffed"  Either way it could bring up a few laughs though LOL.  Reinhard.

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Now that's just plain FUNNY!!!! I would cut off that label and tape it to the front of my meat fridge!!
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That's good stuff right there!....stealing it

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I would return the label to the store. I would not take the meat. However I would ask for a replacement.. Tell them your not going to be eating a Butt Whole.

That is funny.

Happy smoken.


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