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Collecting drippings from Boston Butt

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Ive read on here how alot of people put a aluminum pan under the butt to catch the drippings and once it cools you scrape the fat off and use the yummy juice. My question is I have tried this twice now, I have an el cheapo charbroil vertical charcoal smoker and I put the pan on the second rack under the butt, the problem is by the time the butt is finished smoking, the heat has basically turned the drippings into a crusted burnt blob that is not usable. How can I keep the juices from doing that? Thanks a bunch

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Add some stock or water to the pan and don't let it go dry.
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makes alot of sense, I added some apple juice to the pan and that probably added to the burning with all the sugar in the juice

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Straight Smoking for 16 hours does not put out a whole lot of moisture. But put the meat in the Pan and Foil to get through the stall and/or Rest Covered and you will get much more...JJ

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yea this was a 9.58 lb butt, and it took right at 13 hours, was coolest day of the season so far here, I started at 5:30 this morning at 51 degrees and it only hit 60 and had wind gusts to 25 mph lol, needless to say I had severe temp swings on my el cheapo char broil, but thats the good thing about a boston butt its so forgiving on the temps. I foiled and rested for 1 hr and I will say it turned out to be the juiciest one yet, did not get any pics, was a hectic day and didnt really get to enjoy time around the smoker

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OK Mike you can slide on the Qview this time. But next time....PDT_Armataz_01_40.gif.... IT'S ON!...JJ:biggrin:

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Mike, do as Case says and add stock...


But I wanted to see the Q-view and you had none... no second chance :ROTF , Q-view ,Q-view , Q-view...

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