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Hoorah!!! My Plug-n-Play controller is ordered! Also sent Todd an order for 40 pounds of different dust to go with my A-maze-n smoker. 4 deer in the freezer so far with 8 tags to fill yet between the wife and myself. I see many hot dogs, snack sticks, salami, etc. in the future along with bacon and all the other goodies. I am pumped to say the least.

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It's here!!

Now to get some time to hook things up.

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right on, you'll love it. There are couple of idiosyncrasies with the perameter setting at times I an help you with when you're ready to get going

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Posted this in General but I wanted my supporters here to see where I'm at, Thanks.


Up and Running! For some reason, my i-phone won't show both displays lit. the displays blink off and on when I try to take a picture of them.

I couldn't wait for my loins to cure, so I'm practicing cold smoking a couple pounds of cheddar.



As that is smoking, I'm thawing some Bass and Northern Pike fillets to brine and smoke tomorrow. this will help the wait for my CB to finish curing..

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Success! My smoker is running great. Smoked 15lbs. CB and 5 lbs. Venison ham. Pics in the smoking bacon room  under "my turn for CB". I had to install a hot plate to augment the 1500 watt Brinkman element. With the cold weather here, the smoker needed a bit of a boost for heat. The hot plate did the trick. It's running on another circuit and I manually control it.


Madman mike, Thank you for pushing the Plug-n-Play controller. I can't believe how easy running a stepped program can be. I love it. Thanks. 

Now to find Pork Bellies.

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Nice smokehouse... Myself.. I tried the 1500w element in my smokehouse (3'x3'x6') and could only get to 170`.. and that was running 100%.. I was looking for 250` max so I had to go with 220v and 2 elements from an oven.... you can still run 220` and use that controller.. I have the PID you were originally gonna get... but anyways.. good luck trying to get higher temps.... when you fill the house with mass (meat) you will struggle to get temps up....
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The 120v is temporary. Hope to have 220 at the smoker this coming spring when the re- wire job in my house is done. For now I think I can get by with the two rlents. Cold smoking for sure.
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