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1st brisket!

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Well here goes, I have smoked just about anything and everything (within reason) at least pork and poultry anyways! Today it's time to take on the brisket! Ceramic smoker with peach and hickory over lump coal and a ceramic stone with a cpl of Sam Adams octoberfest beers in the water pan. Marinated brisket with Stubbs beef marinaide and put on a dry rub. Smoker is set in at 250 and time to kick back with the rest of those Sam Adams yee hew!
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Good luck Radsmoke and don't forget to keep us updated.We like lots of photos Thumbs Up

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I'll keep adding some photos as it goes your right I like the photos too!
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2&1/2 hrs into a long smoke, threw a little Alabama hot sausage on for an in between snack
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The only thing that went out side of the plan is this brisket was done way faster than expected! I was thinking around 10 hrs for sure but this brisket was perfect about 5 1/2 hrs never had a stall. Meat is very tender, moist and has nice smoke ring with great flavor I guess that's what counts I think my temp was a bit higher than I thought but still turned out great!
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How big was the brisket? It looks great I want to try one but works busy and cooking time worries me even though I could finish it in the oven.
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Give us the rundown . . . tell us if you trimmed , injected , rubbed , Jaccarded , what :icon_question:


What's the story line :icon_question:

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Ok so I used Stubbs beef marinaide and Worcestershire sauce and I injected with same and put back in fridge for about 5 hours. After that I took it out and trimmed fat cap to about 1/8th inch and rubbed brisket with everglades cactus rub and light brown sugar. I then used lump coals, with hickory and peach chunks and a pizza stone to deflect direct heat. I used a water pan with Sam Adams octoberfest beer and put brisket on at what I thought was 250 but I think was actually about 300 because to my surprise 5&1/2 hours later brisket was 205 internal temp and I took it and let it set for one hour in a cooler and then dug in to one fabtabulas brisket!
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Also brisket was 11 lbs and here is some sliced
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Pass me a plate!
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It looks good. I would say your temps were higher than you were thinking. I know briskets have a mind of their own. But your talking 30 min. per pound. I would recommend you check your temp gauge. A good easy way to start out the check. Is to wait till your smoker has had plenty of time to cool down. Make sure it is not sitting out in the direct sun. The look at the temp. If it is 70° outside and the smoker temp is 50° or 100° you know it is off.

You know their is also something else you should do. That is to fire that baby up and smoke more meat.

Happy smoken.


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Yes i am sure my temp gauge was off I use a digital gauge normally but it quite working so I used the built in temp gauge and I knew it would not be dead on but did not expect it to be so far off I can only say I am surprised that brisket turned out very well even being cooked so fast so while I would most likely smoke my next brisket with a new digital temp gauge and run at 250 I certainly can say this 1st time brisket was better than I set my expectations I guess that's the best thing getting an excellent end result anywho had a great time getting into something new with the smoker and a great meal at the end so it was a success!
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