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I just have to say.. This would be a great cold smoker... but as a hot smoker? It looks dangerous to me.  It's that burner that scares me.  You burn up all the air in there and open the door, you'll be cooked as the meat or worse.  Very easy to start a fire with this set up.   I would suggest using paving stones for the floor.   Then buy some 1/16 galvanized sheet metal to line it with.  Or maybe you could buy scraps from a sheet metal fabricator.  Here's a even better idea.... You could build a fire box close outside the smokehouse use stovepipe to channel the smoke inside. You could get this smoke hot enough to hot smoke.  I know you want to use stuff laying around so... An old water heater would work for a fire box with a little modification.  I'm not putting you smoker down or nothing... just don't want you have a bad day.  happy smoking