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Pork-Tastic Thursday

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After many weeks smoking wings, ribs and steaks, I finally decided to pull the trigger and smoke a Pork Fattie! Stopped at the local grocery store and picked up the necessary stuff and also decided to pick up a Pork Rib Roast to go along with the Fattie.


First the pork rib roast. Used a beer and garlic rub!



Now to the fattie and ingredients


Since being the first one ever, I thought would stick to basic ingredients


Cut up mushrooms, red bell peppers and cheese


Now to the bacon weave


Added a pecan and honey rub


Used the Ziploc bag and rolling pin technique




Added the mushrooms, peppers, cheese and more Pecan/Honey rub


My first bacon weave creation


Finished products before the smoke


Cooked both at 240 and after one hour. Fattie is 1 and Rib Roast is 2





At 2hrs the fattie was done but I want to save it till last!  Rib Roast was done at 2.5hrs





The end justifies the means!



The pork rib roast was delicious but.... the FATTIE was AWESOME!

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Nice smoke, looks scrumptious!

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Great looking grub! Tie a hunk to a pigeon and send it my way
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Good job looks pretty tasty 



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Nice work sir!  Congrats on the first Fattie!

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