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Oh yeah.....nothing like a good bowl of hot soup for a cool evenings dinner and all from your own larder.....awesome. Getting cooler up here in the PNW as well so starting to consider the 'soup & sandwich' dinners again. Disco, I gotta're looking mighty happy in your new profile pic, thinking you found your retirement groove? Every time I see that pic I think of you being the host of a PBS style cooking show. Enjoy every minute.....Willie

Thanks, Chef. I found my retirement groove a day after I retired. I just love having time to do some of the things I love. What amazes me is that I still don't have enough time to do everything I want to do! As for me hosting a cooking show, I suppose a comedy cooking show could be entertaining.


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Fine looking pot of Goodness Disco, agree that the makings we have from gardens, other smoking projects and cooks sure do help with bringing another depth of flavor and  add ins to our supper tables. Thanks for sharing the recipe and the pics. 

Thanks, Santa. This forum has generally kicked up my food.


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Fine looking soup. End of the season stew.....

Thanks kesmc27. I love each time of year for it's different place in the kitchen.