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5# cast iron stuffer headache!!

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I have a 5# cast iron stuffer, I can't get it to work. I tried chilling the meat to almost freezing, too letting it sit for a bit, and it squirts around plunger and don't stuff like it should. Any help would be great.

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I don’t have one, but I have read post by others. They say they have to use a zipper bag with a towel in it on top of the meat to assist with sealing issues…. I hope that helps you with your issue…ShoneyBoy

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What ShoneyBoy said.......and "maybe" add just a bit of water to loosen the meat if it is too stiff.



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Yep I have an old enterprise stuffer, and it likes to gush stuff out. Another solution is to put a few pieces of bread on top that works too, you'll need the bread later when it gets down low. If you don't you'll end up with quite a bit of the meat still let in the hopper.
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like Shoney Boy said, place plastic wrap over the meat and then a towel over that making sure the perimeter is covered. That will do the trick.

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Ok great I'm trying this Thanks, I've been on line looking for a answer for the past 2 years this tip will help. 

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Can't give you any tips, I finally gave up and gave it to my sister for her garage sale. Hope you're not trying to get mine to work!

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I have two old stuffers and one use to leak, do a search on ebay for enterprise stuffer and you will see a round disc advertised to put under the stuffer plate that will tighter and prevent push out. Also be sure that your mix is wet enough to stuff.




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