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Gadget Help!

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Bought this Kebab maker on an auction site.

No instructions with it, figured most of it out, insert metal bottom plate, then two metal strips with 50mm 3oz stamped on them, across the bottom. The insert the bottom skewer plate, fill with chosen meat, insert top skewer plate, push skewers through holes in top, cut through slots with knife.

But what's this bit for?

It has two folded groves in it, is it possibly used for emptying the make, place the box upside down on it so you can push the kebabs out?

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It looks a lot like this but I do not see what those parts would be for. Looks pretty cool though.

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Thanks Link, yes it looks very similar. Thanks for the Video link.

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Now you just need a kebab grill like he has and you will be all set.


Post some pics of your finished products.

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Yes, seen those BBQT on a Australian site, will get my friend to manufacture some for me!

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