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Cooking Boston Butt The day Before

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Hello,I have a family reunion this Saturday.I currently own the MB 30inch electric smoker.Usually cook my PB that day.But since our FR is at 1PM,i need to ask a question.If I cook the butt as per usual on Friday -pull apart and store in the frig,Can I reheat the next day say 2 hrs before the reunion in the oven alitlle apple juice cover with foil oven temp say 235 .Will that work-lose flavor -ruin the meat?Everyone loves my butts(sorry) but I don't want to ruin the meat.


Thanks for any thoughts good bad or whatever.

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That will work fine and some of us think it's even better reheated

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Because a butt isn't ready until it's ready and than can vary greatly, I do all my butts the day before!


Please post the smoke!



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You could also put it in a crock pot with a little finishing sauce or juice.

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I agree with Pineywoods, it tastes better to me after a day on the fridge.
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the next day, crock pot reheat with finishing sauce process works great. 

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That will definitely work and if you are pressed on time, you can raise the oven temp.  I usually add just a little bit of liquid (apple juice, bbq sauce thinned with apple juice, finishing sauce, etc.), cover it with foil and put it into a 300 degree oven.  It tastes great reheated and has enough fat that it never seems to dry out.

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Wow thanks for all your comments and advice.I never even thought about cooking it the day before.Ok just so I get this right-finish PB-cut up-store covered in refrig.Next day add some BBQ sauce/apple juice.Cover with foil.Oven temp should be 235 for say 1hr.Too much to low-time to long to short?


Sorry to be a pain in the Butt(lol)But if I go by these settings I should be fine-right?I guess im as per usual overthinking my cooking.



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Also , if you use a finishing sauce like JJ's or Soflaquer's , after pulling , it will help breakdown the meat and give a marvelous flavor the next day...


Have fun and . . .

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