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Pulled Pork Over the Weekend (Q-View)

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Did a 9# Pork Butt this weekend along with a slab of baby back ribs for my dad.


made a injection sauce and rub for the pulled pork


I made a brine and brined it over night.


Added the rub and injection to it the morning of the smoke


Just put it on


7 hours in to the smoke


Made a Legit Smokey Sauce to put on my pulled pork sandwiches


Got some ciabatta buns, some cheddar buns, some sour dough bread, and some regular hamburger buns to try it on.


Not a bad looking smoke ring.


Pulled pork all done and ready for sandwiches.


My pulled pork sandwich on the ciabatta bun with my Legit Smokey Sauce.


Thanks for Looking.

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Lookin tasty!

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Looks Real Nice, Cid!!!Thumbs UpThumbs Up


Mighty Tasty!!:drool:drool




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Looks GREAT!

Happy smoken.


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Great looking smoke! Care to share the recipe for the sauce?
That pulled pork must've been awesome with the brine and injection.
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The sauce is your basic best odds sauce that you can Google and find, I just added my own twist to now for a couple of years.

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Nice Butt , Cid...course it'd be better in my plate . . .:ROTF

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