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Center Cut Pork Loin

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So its been a while since I fired up the smoker, and was planning on doing some wings tomorrow to enjoy while watching some of the games.  then my wife tells me she is thawing out a center cut pork loin.  She was originally going to put it in the crock pot to cook, but I have been itching to smoke something, and this is all we got.


Can anyone tell me what the final internal temp should be?  Also if I should let it rest after I pull it off?  I plan to wrap it at some point during the cook.  Just not sure what the temps should be.  Tried doing a search, and I beleive from what I have read, internal temp should be somewhere around 160??? when ready to serve??? 


Any info would be greatly appreciated.



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Pork is good at 145.

No need to wrap.

I would just tent it after pulling off the smoker.

Tent= loosly putting foil over the top on a plate.
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Thanks for the feedback.  will let you know how it comes out.

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