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First Prime Brisket

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I went to Costco to grab a brisket yesterday evening & found to my surprise that Prime brisket was only $3.79/pound compared to $3.49 for Choice, so I made the obvious decision. So, in currently 1.5 hours in to what will likely be a long smoke since the brisket is over 15#. Just salt, pepper, a mix of oak & Mesquite lump charcoal and pecan logs. Gonna be a long night on the patio, but I'm perfectly happy to stay out here in 70 degree temperatures with a cooler full of beer.

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About 4 hours in. IT is currently 140, & I'm smoking at 220-230 since I don't need to eat until around 7pm when the Cowboys kickoff against the Saints. It's been a long time since I've done a brisket without the Texas Crutch, but I'm thinking a Prime cut deserves to be done straight up.
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Looking good.
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9 hours in, & we're at 169 after stalling around 160 for several hours. I'm hoping for a secondary stall since I don't really want it to be at 190 for another 12 hours.
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I got the stall I wanted, & now we're sitting at 172 after 12.5 hours.
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looking good, gonna make burnt ends as well?

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Looks good. You got this one made. When it gets to where you want it with a toothpick test You will be able to hold it at temp for that amount of time.

Happy smoken.


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Not making burnt ends. Gonna eat some of the brisket with family and then vacuum seal & freeze the rest.
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Pulled it off the pit about an hour ago and stuck it in a cooler. Looking forward to slicing it in a few hours.
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Tasty looking hunk of beast!
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Nice looking Smoke!
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What no burnt ends?!?! That shouldn't be legal! Great looking brisket!
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Can't wait to see some sliced pics so the drooling can start
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Here's the finished product. I actually thought it looked somewhat dry, but once I ate it, it turned out it was wonderful juicy and had amazing flavor.
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mmmmmmm brisket :drooling
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Nice, and if I understood you correctly , you babysat the whole gig... Kudos and points for your patience...



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I did babysit it the whole time and am still recovering from it, but it's fun to do every so often.
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