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Smoking a Brisket (and a shoulder) today

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Decided to smoke a brisket and a shoulder today. I had a full packer cut down to a nice 6 pounds and picked out a nice 4 lb shoulder. Got them all rubbed down and into the smoker (MES 30) by 7AM. Hoping to have dinner around 8, we'll see how that goes.


I didn't think to take any picks of them before they went in but here they are just after being loaded. Progress pics to follow.


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:popcornCoffee.gif , I'm in. . .

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Me too.    :popcorn       cheers.gif

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Well, I'm happy to say everything turned out great! This was definitely my best brisket so far, although I was surprised how much it shrunk up lol.


The brisket finished up to 195 at about 3:45 so I pulled it, wrapped it in foil and a towel and into the cooler for a nap while I waited for the shoulder to finish. A this point the shoulder was only at 171 and after about another 2 hours and not much movement I pulled the shoulder wrapped in foil and put it back to finish to 205. The shoulder finally finished at about 6:30 and went into the cooler for a nap.


Then it was on to some sides. I got a little lazy and didn't feel like making beans from scratch and I always keep a couple cans of Bush's Maple and Bacon beans on hand just in case, so I cooked up a can of beans. Decided to make some bacon mac n cheese and throw that in the smoker for an hour. And then made some corn bread muffins. 


And now for the pics....


The 3 hour mark:


The 6 hour mark:


The brisket pulled out and ready for a nap at 8.5 hours:



The pork shoulder ready to shred after a nap:


The shoulder shredded and ready for plating:


The brisket ready for slicing after a nap:



And sliced in half:


And brisket plated:

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What a great combo!!! Looks like a tasty meal you got there!!.  Reinhard

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Tasty looking meal! Nice Smoke!
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Great smoke! I'd eat a plate or five!
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Thanks everyone. I'll be following up with some pulled pork pizza tonight with some of the left overs.

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We're having pp pizza as well! Everything looked good brisket nice and juicy too!
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Here's the pulled pork pizza pics:





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Man I love pulled pork pizza...  Looks good!

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