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I would say maybe a propane smoker and get a couple thermometers that can do a data log for you. Then do tests on the effects of diffrent cooking styles and temps. Example of this would be doing a butt at 225 till it reaches the desired doneness, but donone where you wrap it and the other unwrapped. See what the diffeence is. You can save the meat and use it for your big service for the seniors. You can do the same test but at different cook temps. This way you can find the most efficient cook temp and time for the butts.

Then you will have most of the education money left and maybe use it towards the first year of college.
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You could also explore the history of various "smoking" techniques and why they developed. IE - Indians would set up wood frames leaning over open fire pits to smoke jerky on to preserve it for travel. Many of the now popular cuts of meat that we smoke used to be cast off's given to the slaves in the south and they discovered that by cooking them low and slow you turned a tough piece of meat into something highly desireable - ribs are an example of that. How has smoking & BBQ impacted the meat industry? What are various types of smoking done around the world today and how are the different?


All just some ideas off the top of my head if you find you need "filler" for your report.

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