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2 shoulders on smoker

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Got an early start at 5am, pork on smoker around 530. 4 hours in they are looking good and at 156
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Had issues with pic . 

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Lookin great

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Looking good! :popcorn

Happy smoken.


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Weenies??? and Butt , a strange mix . . .you have kids , right ?:confused:

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Foiled at 165 and turned the heat up.some need to be done and on the road to a party by 215pm.

I can pull it before its served around 4pm. Been smokkng around 275 till i foiled now im at 310*

The last one l smoked i ran at 280ish and it came out great.

I also injected these and rubbed with Bad Byron's butt rub

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No kids... smoked dogs are good.  I'm eating a couple while I smoke and the rest are going in smoked beans.  I do a twist on dutches' recipe, last time I made them I tossed a few diced up dogs and it.was.a.hit.  I usually like to add London broil to the beans. 

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1pm hit 200, pulled and wrapped in foil and placed in cooler.  Did not get any pics I'm moving can't slow down.  Got to load pick up of all items needed for a party of 40. And drive 50 min to location. 

Ill get some pics of them when pulling.  Tasted a little burnt end and it was real good.  seperating the fat out of the juice left in the pan, ill bring the juice to pour on the pulled meat if needed. Had a.nice.bone wiggle so I'm confident they are done.

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