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Packer brisket vs Flat

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A buddy at work asked me about smoking for his wedding. I am feeling cool that he asked about it and also scared. I have never smoked for that many people. He is talking about doing brisket. I have a question about what cut to cook. I have only ever smoked the full packer brisket. And that has just been for a family bbq. With an event like this, should I do a full packer brisket or just do the flat?


I still need to figure out quantities, but I think there are enough posts about that on here already.

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  First off, I hope your buddy is buying the meat!  I guess what matters is how you want to serve it. For sliced only, I would say to just do the flats. If you also want some shreaded brisket then use the packers. Normally a better price on the packers. Be sure to keep us updated.


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He will definitely be buying the meat. We aren't that good of buddies. :)

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They ended up calling off the engagement, so this isn't going to happen. I was getting a little nervous, because I have never cooked for that many people before. 


I will keep you guys updated if they get back engaged. :)

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Wow, sorry for your buddy but maybe it's for the best. Hope he's ok.
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