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What to smoke!???

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So I am currently in the process of building my first smoker out of an old 1950 fridge. I'm thinking It will be done by the end of the week if all goes well. So what do you guys think? what should be the first thing i smoke???? I have oak and hickory lumbar jack pellets for wood.

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Well, after the seasoning smoke is done I always recommend something chicken quarters or a picnic (cheaper than butts) so you can learn the curves of your unit. With the price on briskets now IF you screw one up it can hurt. Average price here in the PNW for a full flat at Wal-Mart is 40-50 bucks. A double smoked ham is always tasty and those can be had at a good price usually. Take lotz of pics and enjoy the smoky ride.....Willie

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Have fun and . . .keep in touch with progress ...............

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Gotta agree with Chef Willie on that.
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I helped my Uncle build a conversion of an old refridgerator and he didn't replace the door gasket with a universal oven gasket. He had some Issues with cold and hot spots. Ruined some peices of meat . But once I changed the basket out it worked like a charm.
Thought I would share that one with you so u wouldn't have the same issues that we did. The unit did smoke like a charm and was awesome for cold smoking pork for curing.
Please do take pictures of your unit and set up. If I can one I plan to make another one.
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