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Smoking for a crowd!

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This last Friday, I threw a BBQ for all of the subcontractors that work on the homes I manage. I planned for as many as 80 construction workers, so I had about 40 lbs of butts.


Started Thursday morning with a basic rub.  They marinated all day until I threw them on the smoker at 6:30 pm....


I hit them hard with cherry smoke for the first 5 hrs or so...


13 hrs later, after waking up every couple of hours to check the temp and smoke...during a rain storm...



The beauties were complete!  Bones came out great and the BBQ was a success!  It was great to show my appreciation for hard workers through good food.



It was also awesome to successfully feed that many people without any problems!

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Looks awesome, always good to treat your workers well !

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I'm fixin' ta  do some Ribs fro the help I've had on my "Q-Bana" build .


Your Butts look marvelous . Nice Bark.


Enjoy and . . .

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Congrats, looks great!


I got roped into doing a similar thing for the contractor that remodeled my parents house. My mom threw a "thank you/Christmas" party for them and "informed" me she needed brisket and pulled pork for about 75-80 people. LOL


Needless to say with that crowd there weren't many left overs.

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