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smoking st. louis style ribs

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I've smoked st. Louis style ribs a couple times with my MES40 @ 225F using the 3-2-1 method.  After the process the ribs are so tender when I go to cut them the bone is just sliding out of the meat.  what's going on?  Do they need to rest? am I smoking them too long?  I'm new to this forum so if I'm posting in the wrong section I apologize. 

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You could post this in the pork section, but I'm sure a mod will come along and move it if needed. As far as the ribs, lots of people don't even use foil and just let them ride. The foiling portion of the cook is doing the most tenderizing of the meat, and that's where the fall off the bone is coming from. You might try a 3-1.5-1.5 next time. Less time in the foil should mean less fall off the bone, and a little extra time outside of the foil might crisp up a nice bark for ya.

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I agree try a little less time in the foil


Gary S

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OK will do. Thanks. Here's another question. What's "sticky" mean in the forum sections?
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20420 , hello and welcome to our 'Hood' . Stay and become part of the Familia . You'll enjoy the ride . . .


IMHO , you have braised the Ribs while in the foil . I agree it is a great way to save time , but with the loss of good bite-off the bone texture...


I start with no foil and continue with no foil , I let the Ribs set in a 225*F smoker with the lid left shut and when I smell the sweet Rib smell , I will check them for this . . .


 color and pull back . . .


 This when picked up in the middle with a pair of 'Tongs' .


Next step is a rest and cutting for presentation with any sides as you want . . .

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