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Irish Peat Smoked Loin

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This Sundays smoke involved smoking with true peat from Ireland. If you're not familiar with peat it has a very distinctive earthy aroma. Those of you that have had the pleasure of a peat fire know what I am talking about. That said, traditional rubs are not recommended, I use an herb rub-

2Tbs cracked black pepper
2tsp dried basil
2tsp dried rosemary
2tsp dried thyme
1/4tsp garlic powder
1/4tsp sea salt

The most important factor with smoking with peat is keeping your strength up, I highly recommend the following

After building your strength mix all ingredients and rub your loin.

I brought the smoker temp up to 225 with leftover KBB and added 1 brick of peat.

Smoked until I saw an internal temp of 145, pulled and tented for around 30min before slicing.

Plated with new potatoes (garlic butter and fresh parsley) and asparagus (EVOO, minced garlic, sea salt & ground pepper).

The flavor is very unique and a pleasant change to traditionally smoked pork. I have done this several times with pork and have tried it with chicken. I personally didn't care for it with chicken. I have thought about smoking corned beef with peat but haven't gotten around to yet. I purchased the peat from amazon for about $30 for the case.
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Nice and very good looking , Peat , where to get some...

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Thank you Oldschool! I purchased mine form Amazon, just Google Irish peat. We burn it in our fire pit as well. It reminds me of the times I spent in an Irish pub or two enjoying a few pints. It truly adds a distinct flavor to pork that I highly recommend trying at least one time.
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