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An interesting discovery

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So I have not smoked a lot and am very much still learning. Recently I had about 30 people over for my daughter's birthday and figured a butt would be a great inexpensive way to feed them all. I had 2 7 pound buts that I was allowing about 9 hours for. It wasn't quite enough time to allow for it to be pull apart tender, but I was able to cube it. It turned out great still with a standard brine and rub.

The interesting part to me was how fantastic it was the next day. I had plenty of leftovers so I took them to work and warmed up enough for a sandwhich. I was impressed with how good it was so I offered a couple pieces to coworkers who also complimented it.

Think I'll try this method again when I end up wanting some smoked pork and don't have time on the day I want it for. It's a lot quicker to warm it back up and serve!
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Yeah , sammies are great :drool

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Glad it worked out for you. It sounds like they turned out to be like Pork burnt ends.
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