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First Boston Butt with Qview

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Hey guys,


I decided to do a boston butt for my birthday. We were having some friends over for the Bama game and I wanted to do my first BB. 


I bought two when they were on sale. The one I wound up doing was just over ten pounds. A little big, but it turned out great.


I took and cut some grooves in the fat cap. I then gave it a light coating of mustard and a heavy dusting of Jeff's rub. I love using it on my spare ribs, so I figured I would like it on the butt. I wasn't disappointed. 




I then wrapped it and put it in the fridge over night. The next morning I started the smoke (whiskey barrel chips) at 9 in the morning. The MES 30 was set to 220 following the Bear Method I found on the site. I smoked it till about 2:30 then inserted my thermostat.




Once it hit 160 I took the drip pan out and put the BB in it. I added some of my juice to it. It is a combination of Apple juice, honey, butter and brown sugar. I then covered it in foil and put it back in. I also bumped the heat up to 260.


Around 1am the temp finally hit 200 degrees. I pulled it out and checked the bone. it was clean. i let it rest for an hour and then pulled it. I retained the juice from the pan and the juice I made. I poured a little in the next day when I heated it up. It went over great and was very moist. Can't wait for my next BB smoking. 


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It looked good and turned out great , Bark and all...


However , have you looked at this picture :   look at the top protion , (eyes of s Skull) , bottom , Jaw Bone of the Skull and above the Jaw are the Teeth .


Couldn't help see it , I look at stuff for patterns.


Have fun and . . .

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That's a clean bone! Great looking smoke!
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Thanks for the comments. I do kinda see what you are talking about. Hope it wasn't possessed. lol


Ya I didn't know the bone would be that clean. It game me confidence that I had hit the mark. 

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