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Boston Butt Q-View

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Smoked this 5lb Boston Butt today!

Yesterday, put Jeff's Rub and wrapped it and put it into the fridge

9:30 AM went into the smoker with Hickory wood

Sprayed it three times with Apple Juice and Apple Vinegar 


Took it out at 2:00 PM - wrapped it in foil and put it back in the smoker


Took it out at 3:45 PM and wrapped it in towels


4:45 - pulled it and enjoyed!!!







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Hey , Coach :icon_exclaim: You've been practicing . Eh:icon_question:


Man , your Bark is great and the bone seem to have fallen out , then the Plate shot .  Thumbs Up


 Have fun and keep doing it . . .

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Looks like a great meal !
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Great job, Coach!38.gif

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