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13lb bird

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My first turkey smoke.

What i did is just saute some garlic in butter and inject it all over the bird. Did a light simple rub of garlic and onion powder. 

This is my first time doing this so i kept it as simple as possible. 

This pic is after an hour in the smoker. 



Smoked on my GMG at 275

will post more as the day goes on....

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Good start , but more Q-view and narration...

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Awesome, turkey is very high on my to-do list

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Where's the update? I want to try turkey soon !
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sorry for the delay. i had problems with my computer

So, here is the final product

Cooked at 275deg for about 7 hours using cherry flavored pellets

i wrapped it in tin foil at around the 5 hour mark and finally pulled it off when the internal got to to be around 175.

I must say that this is one of the best tasting tukeies that i have ever had. 


thanks for viewing my bird  :icon_biggrin: 

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