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The Gauntlet Has Been Thrown

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The better half says to me earlier, "my mom and I stopped at the Pink Pig (local bbq place) last week and we got their smoked mac n cheese. It was really good. It might be better than your's"

Obviously this type of heresy has no place in this house! So... now I'm throwing a tray of mac n cheese on the smoker today too.

Q-view to follow later....
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You go , boy... kick up that M/C and change their minds . I agree, blasphemy of a cooks gift , a 'JUJU' thing :icon_eek:.


Make her wash her mouth with soap , on second though leave her to her opinions , :wife: , SWMBO is right (in her mind) :ROTF.


Have fun and . . .

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Who needs the Pink Pig! Perfectly browned, creamy, cheesy, and gooey... Just the right hint of smoke.

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Thats just not right for her to throwdown like that.

Just tell her next time that she can't have any of yours and for her to take her happy butt to the Pink Pig. LOL biggrin.gif
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Turnabout is fair play  :laugh1:

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The one local BBQ place is no competition.  An 8 year old with a spoiled dog carcass, wet grass and a pack of matches could stomp them. 

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Personally, I would tell the missus that her opinion doesn't count and she will eat what you cook for her. Then I would duck.



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