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Newbie in the Northern California

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Newbie smoker
Millbrae, CA.
Brinkman electric
Costco prerubbed St. Louis ribs started at 6am... Apple chunks.
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Hello , Oggg . We welcome you the  'Hood' . Hope we can have you as a Neighbor and part of the "Familia: :yahoo:


 You had no question , yet had a list of items you have and are cooking . My guess is you want to know when the Spares are done :icon_question:

Here's how I judge doneness of my Spares :

 to me color is important , then look for the meat starting to pull back from the end of the bone ...


  Then , pick them up in the middle of the rack  with your Tongs , and when they crack like this , I remove them , rest a few minutes and cut to portions .


 (these were BB's , but the same with Spares . Nice color , a good "bite off the bone" , as compared to "Fall off the bone " , which are too mushy for me . . .


Send Q-view of your success :drool


Have fun and . . .

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texas.gif  Good afternoon and welcome to the forum, from East Texas. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about everything


  Looks Great




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Nice Q-view and welcome to SMF
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