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100lb propane tank

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Hi I just got my hands on a 100lb propane tank would it make a good smoker Its tall and skinny its long enough but would it be able to fit say a 12 pound turkey or should I look for something else thanks.

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RodgeA , hello and welcome to our 'Hood' . Stay around and become part of the 'Familia; .\


Your tank must look like this ;th?id=HN.607987620733584701&w=103&h=103&c=8&pid=3.1&qlt=90&rm=2 , I would use it as a fuel tank ( jmho) , and find something less dangerous to work a 24" pipe about 6' long. Easier to configure.


th?id=HN.608017951792827620&w=103&h=103&c=8&pid=3.1&qlt=90&rm=2 these can be found at a 'Scrap Yard' for pennies on the dollar price...


Then flat cold rolled metal can be  found there too and you're on your way.


th?id=HN.608030948363273042&w=103&h=103&c=8&pid=3.1&qlt=90&rm=2 ,. Get you calculator data here on our forum . Needless to say you'll have a pack of Welders decend on you in just a short... We love to suggest ideas.


have fun , hold on to your 'Bloomers" and  . . .

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I have the tall skinny 100 pound tank.

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