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First Fatty!

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Smoked my first fatty on a Masterbuilt 30in using the propane as fuel. Smoked it between 225-250 degrees for about 2 hrs. I used mostly used hickory with a a pinch of apple wood.

Ground pork, provolone cheese, parmesan cheese, bread crumbs, chopped garlic, Montreal Steak seasoning and baby spinach rolled in bacon with a little dry rub sprinkled on top.  

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Nice , looks 'Dadgum Good '


Have fun and . . .

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That looks great! It is making me hungry.  :drool:

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Thank you
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I love seeing the 1st Fatty threads. That looks great! You'll be making them every weekend now. Next time, try kicking the temps up to 300 for the last 15 minutes to get the bacon extra crispy! 

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Holy WA  That looks amazing !!! :first:


Forgive my ignorance, I'm new to this. But I don't know what a "fatty" is but if that's one I wanna know how !!!

I have the same smoker, just got it a few weeks ago.  Love it.

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Enter the search term fatty into the search bar....better yet, there's a fatty sub forum I think. Tons of examples and recipes. It's simply rolled out ground meat stuffed with whatever you want them rolled inside of a bacon weave and smoked. Your imagination is the only limitation!
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Thanks RG, much appreciated.

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