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Dose Size Fire Basket Matter

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Dose the size of the fire basket matter compared to the size of fire box   lone-short-tall or wide? I have a Old Country Pecos and I was thinking of making the basket where it would slide out the side of the fire box when I need to take it out. Any and all advice is appreciated.




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Yes.... make it as big as is practical...

Ray..... also you need to stop with these "one sentence" questions.... Post pictures of the smoker.... describe in detail what you are trying to achieve... what you have tried..... what you think may be wrong, with pictures..... and maybe what you have found out in reading others threads..... You need to help our members in this process.... they all love to give opinions but need something to chew on.....

In your above question, dimensions of the FB and CC and pics would help... what you have tried... what's available to you to use..... what others have done, (in your research)....
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Dave posted more info hope this helps
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I found this is it about right for the size basket for my smoker?

Brand Size
Bar-B-Chef Offset 12x12x6
Brinkmann Cimarron Deluxe 12x12x6
Brinkmann Smoke King Deluxe 12x12x6
Brinkmann Smoke N' Pit 9x12x8
Brinkmann Trailmaster Limited 12x12x6
Browning Offset 11x17x8
Char-Broil American Gourmet 700 Series 10x12x6
Char-Broil Silver 9x14x5
Char-Broil Oklahoma Joe 12x12x6
Chargriller Duo 12x12x6
Chargriller Side Fire Box 12x12x6
Chargriller Smokin' Pro 12x12x6
Kingsford Wagon Boss 10x14x6
Landmann Black Dog 42XT 14x15x7
New Braunsfel Bandera 12x12x6
New Braunsfel Longhorn Deluxe 15x15x8
Old Country 20" 12x12x6
Old Country BBQ Pits Pecos 15x15x8
Outdoor Gourmet Triton 10x14x6
RD Horizon Offset 20" 15x15x8
RD Horizon Offset 24" 15x15x8
Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker 18.5" 12x6
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Ray, morning..... Lower the expanded metal grate to where the RED line is.... or close to it... That should work for the time being, to test the smoker.. use charcoal and lump hardwoods for your fire...

then you might consider dual air inlets by adding a plate to one of the pie vents.....

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