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Advice on Pork Burnt Ends

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I've decided to make some pork burnt ends this weekend (along with baby back ribs and pig snoots as appetizers). I've got Jeff's recipe in hands and will pretty much be following that, though I'll be using a different rub and only apple wood. Anything in particular that I should know before starting? I've only used the smoker twice so still quite the newbie. Second, does anybody have any experience smoking pig snoots? If not I may stick those on the grill.

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Make extra burnt ends! There delicious and go down to easy! In sure someone will have a more helpful answer soon;),
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Smoke the Butt to just under finish(i.e. , with some firmness - appox. 190*F , You will then be able to cube the meat and the extra time used bruning the ends , makes them fall apart good. Remember to re-rub and sauce prior to re-cooking.


Later . . .

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Not sure if you were planning to, but I would not waste time on injecting...I tried one of Jeffs newsletters a few months back: Butter injected Burnt End...really did not find that the time spent injecting every piece with butter was worth it. They will turn out delicious without it IMHO.


Good luck!

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yeahthat.gif so lets see some smoke!

Happy smoken.


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