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Welcome back.

So can you help me with my problem. Love the smoker but.....

want to keep it running.




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Just an FYI, I got a message from Darryl the other day, he has been 'repositioned' and is now located in China at the plant.


Soooooo........ The way it sounded I am thinking he may not be cruising the boards much. If you want to gather his attention, send him a /PM thats how I got my message to him.

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I had a feeling that was going to happen. rolleyes.gif
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I can get ya' fixed up. May not be the "prettiest" fix, but it will all be hidden anyway. I'll be back in the office on the 20th, and if you can PM me with a reminder, I'll get the necessary stuff out to you. Darryl
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Thanks Darryl. Will do

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