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1st time CB

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Today Loins were on sale $1.99 picked up 2 . I took a small piece from the center for,Canadian Bacon. Read the 9 pages on pops brine, so I have a piece of meat that is 2 1/4 " thick at 1/4" a day that would give me 5 days pus 2 total 7 days. I injected the brine also, now my question is will the injecting make the curing time less?

pops  thanks for that great post and what you do to help everyone.

Pic sitting in the brine.

Pic of the brine nice gold color.

Thank for looking wish me luck.


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Ritchie, IMHO , no. I feel injecting only makes more places for the juices to escape :icon_eek:. Brining is enough , add any extra flavors you want during the soak :cool:.


Have fun and . . .

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Sounds good but, I had PM'ed pops about cb and he told me to go 10-14 days in the brine.

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Farmer thanks I will go the 12 days smoke it for the wifes B-Day.


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It should be good. I need to make some more CB.

Happy smoken.


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If you follow Pop's instructions you'll never go wrong until you try to improve upon it. Pop is always spot on to start with, then we have to do it ten more times trying to improve upon it....LOL

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I also follow Pop's instructions. I brine for 14 days although I do believe it is done sooner. It just is a case of better safe than sorry.



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Your wife will have a excellent b day with that as a meal, lucky gal. Good luck on the smoke and let us know. 


A full smoker is a happy smoker :sausage:



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Finally the day has arrived, my CB is in the smoker with 2 racks of Chicken Thighs. CB should be done in about another hour. Not using the mailbox today I have another mod for my MES40 will post separate on that.


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Well how'd it turn out? Where's the sliced pics????
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Wrapped and resting til breakfast. Believe me I am anxious.


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Turned out great, knife sliced for breakfast will machine slice and package later.Taste great Thanks Pops!!


Thanks for looking


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Yep that looks like some good cb or as our friends that share names with this scrumptious meat call it back bacon! Got a little hunk soaking in some brine right now.
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Looks great!!!
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Nice looking CB!

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Everyone thanks for the kind words. I owe it all to yous'. All the post with Qs and how to do it all inspiring. A big Thanks again to Pops.


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Looks excellent, nice job !

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Great looking bacon. By the way, Canadian bacon is called back bacon in Canada. Go figure.



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Nice color, great looking Canadian Bacon, heh?




I usually will chunk some besides the slicing.........They are totally awesome in a bean pot. It doesn't matter which type bean. Butter beans, navy beans, green beans, labrador piles, etc. its good on anything.

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