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First time smoking steaks

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Picked up a couple of ~14 ounce strip steaks earlier, going to try them out on the smoker and finish on the grill. The plan is to smoke with hickory to an IT of 110 and then sear for roughly 30 seconds/side, hopefully finishing up a shade over rare. They are seasoned with just some salt and pepper.

Thinking about throwing some chopped onion and zucchini in there as well.

Will post some pictures of the completed product.

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Ahhh the reverse sear! You will not want a steak cooked another way after having the smoky goodness in a steak.
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You've got a good plan! I like to run the smoker as cool as possible so I get a good amount of smoke, the take the steak to 110, them crank the heat and sear! The Mini-WSM is the best smoker for it!
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I did that with a tri tip last night it should turn out great for you. I love New York strips;).
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Thanks. I'm getting ready to turn my MES on now, was planning on putting it at 200
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Stlsmoker , hope they turned out good , however , we need Q-view for our drooling addiction. :drool It's too late now for Plated shots , but you did have the fresh product shown . We will forgive "this" time...:ROTF.


Have fun and as always . . .

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Crap I forgot! The steaks were done just now I like them, but I managed to get a little too much smokiness in them. I was also surprised by how quickly they got to 110 in the smoker (about 30 minutes). I think next time I just need less wood chips in there.

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Dag it that looks great 


a full smoker is a happy smoker 



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I smoked a 2" New York steak on my MES until internal temp. was 110 degrees about 1 1/2 hours and then seared it on the grill. Best steak i've ever eaten!!! MES rocks!! Thanks to all the fellow cookout junkies for all their advice.
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