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Starting my first fridge conversion! also 1st ever smoker!!

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Hey guys.. I have never posted in this site, but its already been a huge help just reading old posts on conversions. I have a 1950 international harvester fridge that i saved from the scrap metal heap and going to turn into my 1st ever smoker. I got it stripped apart this weekend. I decided to replace the old insulation because its well 64 years old and want to put in mineral board per what i have learned on her. I am currently taking out the old silicone sealant because im not sure how safe it is when exposed to heat and its old. so i ordered some rutlan 600 to replace that today.


my question that i currently have for you is about the piece of sheet metal to cover the insulation on the inside of  my fridge door. I read that i should avoid galvanized. any other types that i should avoid?  What do you all recommend for thickness. 16 gauge. thicker or thinner? i'm sure i will have some more questions in the coming days. I do have pictures i can post if anybody is interested. thanks! I am more then excited to enter the world of smoking!!! 

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I found a welding shop in my home town that has sheet metal. He said its not galvanized but he stated something about carbon something! i can't remember.. anybody know anything about a type of carbon sheet metal and if it will work? 

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I'm not an expert, but I think it is to differenciate between stainless and non-stainless. Carbon steel can rust, but when you get a good coating of cooking oil burned onto the surface during the initial startup, it should be fine.

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Thanks Mneeley. 


My next question is that i'm trying to decide if i want to go the more expensive route and buy a smoke daddy pellet hopper for my heat and smoke sore and if they are worth it. or if i want to go the less expensive route and buy one of the brinkmann 1500 watt elements and just use an a-maze-n to get my smoke? I have read that you can't do lower temp smokes with the smoke daddy. but to have a built in temp control would be nice.. what are your guys opinions? 


I have also read that a lot of people use supplemental smoke with the smoke daddy as well... 

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i made up a unit much the same as what you are doing last year. went with the 1500 watt. tried a bunch of smoke gens and ended up with the AMPS ... best decision i made. i also originally went for full size racks and found them a bugger to clean. the wife got tired real quick of seeing them in the bathtub, SO i use 2 cake cooling racks per shelf and sit them on dowling that i use to hang sausage when i smoke them. works great and fits in my laundry tubs to soak all the gunk off.

here is my build ..... and more than glad to help out


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Do you have anything hooked up to to your element to control the temp? for example to keep it lower around 170 for sausage smoking?

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this is EXACTLY what you want !!!!!!
you need the 1800 watt for the 1500 watt heater so you dont burn out the PID.... you can set this unit to step up your temp gradually while smoking sausage... has 6 programmable settings temp and time.

the unit is pug and play. i dont have the smarts to build my own and i am super happy with this unit.a little pricey but well worth the initial cash putput



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thanks! I don't think i could build my own PID either.. not my forte.... out of curiosity how hot are u able to make you smoker with the 1500w burner?   

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my smoker is pretty big, i can get it up to 250 in a reasonable amount of time depending on outside temp. i actually wired in a 2nd 1000 watt element off of a hotplate and just gave it its own control knob. that was easy, brings the smoker up to temp quicker. once there the PID and 1500 watt element keep the temp bang on the money. try yours with the Brinkman 1st. its easy to put the other element in

 make up a rack like i have shown on my build. i had alot of help from people on this site to get me thru.



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I realize that this would be expensive and prob not worth it. but out of curiosity do u think that PID u had linked would work with a smoke daddy pellet hopper? The only reason i ask is because one knock i have heard about the pellet hoppers is that they can't do low temp.. range is like 220-450 degrees and that they have some temperature spiking.. would they still be able to function with a PID that u showed me to get the smoke daddy to work at cooler temps, and level out the temp spikes? anybody have any thoughts? thanks a million! SMF is my new favorite site! 

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for $$$$$ value i truely believe in the mailbox mod ... or as i used a turkey roaster mod cause there are no mail boxes here ..  lol

control your temp on the money with that PID and the Brinkman. ya cant go wrong. a pellet pooper for long smokes will be more costly in the end than running electricity. i have a pellet grill and they can definitely chew some pellets up compared to what i need for actual smoking in my big freezer build. also do you have a decent priced supply of good pellets where you are.

i have tried chips, sawdust and pellets with my smoker and settled with the AMNPS and the mod. can smoke all night long and not worry about a thing. dont forget to get a Maverick remote thermometer set up also. makes the whole smoking experience very easy and bullet proof !!!!


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thanks goliath! with the PID you showed me. Did you go with the free hanging sensor or the wall mount? 

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i did the wall mount, quite easy to do... REMEMBER it needs to be between your racks so that your pork or chicken or whatever isnt gonna sit on it. as far as hanging sausage ya can work around it



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I have another question and looking for some opinions.. I am replacing the old insulation  from my fridge being it was outside at the landfill and was wet from being rained on and 64 years old.. figured why not... A lot of people are talking about rockwool. but it seems most of them have a fire box. I am turning my fridge into an electric smoker. max temp prob around 300 degrees. would plane jane fiberglass work or do people still recommend a mineral wool product? thanks in advance!


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