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Using previously frozen meat? Pros/cons?

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Is there a difference in outcome when making snack sticks from previously frozen meat? Freezing meat breaks down connective tissue so that's why you often see water seep out of thawing meat. Will this impact the end result of the snack sticks? I will probably be grinding and freezing the meat I don't stuff right away since I'm getting a lot of it from the bear I'm harvesting. Thx
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A lot of people are working with frozen meat. I have always been happy with using it. I can't say if fresh would be noticeably better or not.

Happy smoken.


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Always thaw your meat SLOWLY in the fridge, it will be fine for sausage etc.

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Lots of us buy quantity On Sale and freeze. Once the meat defrosts and the Leach is expressed, that's it. There will be no difference in the grinding, mixing, taste or quality of your snack stix...JJ

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Can't speak for sausage but I've as often as not used frozen for jerky and it comes out fine. Kinda hard to jerk and smoke a whole moose without freezin :icon_biggrin: As mentioned, plan ahead and thaw in the fridge.

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Actually, once the meat is only about 1/2 to 1/3 frozen, it is SIGNIFICANTLY easier to slice----if simply using a sharp knife---than when all the way thawed out.


Often, if I am prepping fresher meat for jerky, will stick in freezer a few hours just to  make it easier to thin slice.

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You need to strike when the iron is hot my friend! I have 4 turkeys (3 in freezer) for under $20 total cost. And when I cook them, they will be tender and succulent! 


Stay hungry my friend!

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